2012 better get... better

I'm so sick of this run of bad luck. I want to almost find any charm I can and start rubbin them all over me. Cleanse me or something. This shit is gettin outta control.

Just going to keep crossing my fingers and tossin salt over my shoulder and knocking on wood that 2012 turns out to be a better year.

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Snow Days!

So... we are expected to get 5-10+ inches tonight into tomorrow morning... -cries- I hate snow.. I really do. It's an inconvenience, a pain, and it's cold! XD

But anyways.. still trying to fill up slots for my Iron Artist Challenge.. little more slow than I wanted.. Oh wells.

Not much else going on today. <3

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The universe hates me

>_> stupid cramps.

Got some soft paws for my cat, Dante. Seems to be doin ok with them. I just got the clear ones though. They didn't have dark green at the store like i wanted.

I am blah.. No one's has really talked to me today lol. Oh took a new picture.. gotta upload it sometime.

Going to be working on my ISC soon.. ttyl <3

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Yay for boring weekends

 So I was going to actually try and start making a plushy this weekend. But I didn't want to go out and spend 50 bucks on materials I had no patterns for ect. I haven't sewn anything since high school.. and well thats like 6 years ago.. 0.o god I'm old.

I went to Jo Anns and god.. there was like 30+ people in line for shit and I finally said screw it and left. But I'm aching so bad to start making things soon. Figure I'd go for felt and fleece combos. I'm dumb ok people.. and unless my brain gets it, I can't do it. And I've been looking for good tutorials on patterns for furry plushes that have moving arms and legs. And like, I stare at these patterns and I'm going how the hell does that piece resemble what i want to make? I'll keep looking. -sighs- Maybe find something that makes some sense to me.

Anyway, My Iron Artist Challenge is going ok. Slots aren't filling up as fast as I'd like but they are going at a good pace for me :) So I suppose that's good. 

Also, my flippin main site isn't working. I don't know what's wrong.. but it won't load anymore.. -sighs- so I'm going to attempt to make another one some time soon.

Well that's about it. Ttyl!

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Hoping and crossing my fingers

 Up.. awake and tired lol. I realllyy need to learn to go to bed at a decent hour rofl. Think I might take a short nap. Get up, run errands and get things done and then take another nap, stream and then actually attempt to go to bed at a decent hour tonight! XD Huzah for trying to get on a good sleep schedule! 

Anyways, I also try and get some more designs in my zazzle store too. Anywhooo <3 for now
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Today is cold but I feel better

 I actually got some good sleep. My back is pretty sore but my mood is much better. Playing with my little man today while Anj is at my grandparents. It's supposed to snow starting tonight into tomorrow and Tuesday. Hoping we don't have to do much this week to be honest. I really do hate winter lol. 

Crossing my fingers I can make some money tonight. I can only live off of christmas money for so long lol. Going to send hubby to the store in a bit, stock up on food and hole my self in the house for a few days \o/ XD 

Nothing like listening to the icarly sounds go off and listen to the goofy goober song from the spongebob movie. LOL I am such a mom.

I'm beginning to wonder if anyone reads these stupid things. ....... hmm...

anywho that's all for now :)

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Today was kinda MEH

 Today wasn't that great. I think I'm in one of those manic moods lately, between my back problems, being stuck in the house a lot, and now my new stomach problems I just feel like crap. Plus now I have a runny nose. I need to get out tomorrow or something before it snows hard core Monday into next week.

Oh and those new stomach problems? Ya I don't know what's happening, but I can't eat normal portions any more. My stomach starts to ache and hurt. Take for instance my husband picked up a McD double cheese for me. The $1.00 one. I barely made it through half the burger before my stomach started to ache and feel full... I don't know what is wrong with me but it's getting annoying.

Also took Tobi to the doc today. Doc said he wasn't stuffy in his lungs ect. Though his cough sounds like it. My poor little man is so stuffy and coughy. They just said to keep clearing his nose and giving him advil. :(

BLEH I feel like.. drained and crappy. I hate this feeling. 

Well, that's about it today. Got a few more things in the store today. Hoping to do a few more here soon.

Peace out,
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